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Hi, I'm Maria!

Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself! I'm a former party girl and college dropout turned Health Coach. 

For years, I struggled with my weight and body image. I used to work four jobs, trying to get rid of my massive debt and would party to forget my problems every weekend.

One day I had enough. I decided I needed to focus on myself and my dreams, or I would never be happy. I started by changing my habits and adapting to a healthier lifestyle. Soon I lost 30 lbs and had more energy than ever! My body was strong, my mind was sharp, and I felt amazing.

That's when I found my true passion: helping other women to become their best version of themselves. Now I'm a health coach living the life of my dreams, and I wanna help YOU to find happiness.


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I'm gonna help you to become the best version of yourself! Are you ready?



Don't know what to eat?

No more browsing on Pinterest or writing down grocery lists - I got you! Have a meal plan created especially for you and your daily macros. You don't need to choose between achieving your fitness goals and eating well. You tell me what you love, and we'll find a way of adding it to your diet. And yes, that means tacos, burgers, and even brownies!

You still don't know your macros? Just use my macro calculator to find out!

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Tired of not knowing what to do at the gym?

I feel you. Gym intimidation is REAL and trying to figure out what to work out when and in what sets and reps are totally confusing! With my in-app training program I will take care of all that for you! I’ll tell you what to lift, when, in what amounts, and I’ll even include videos so you can make sure you are doing your workouts correctly! Track your workouts, upload your progress pics, enter your weight and measurements, and watch as your body transforms! 


Need a total life transformation?

Are you sick and tired of saying “I’ll start Monday”? Girl, I said this for 4 YEARS! And so did the hundreds of women that I’ve helped! I was so confused about what to eat, when, and how to work out efficiently. It seems like I had no time for the gym or meal prep. Turns out all I needed was some structure and someone to teach me how to do it all! 

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That's why I created the Me, Myself & Health Academy!

This 12-week online coaching program is designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about how to transform your body and life.

This program will not only teach you WHAT, HOW, and WHEN, but it will teach you WHY. Once you know the WHYs then this whole journey becomes sooo easy. You will actually understand why you are doing what you are doing and how it benefits your life and your body. Once you know that, then you will naturally want to change your daily routines and habits so that you too can sustain your body transformation. No more dieting for events, dieting for a specific time, crash diets, or restrictive meal plans! This program teaches you how to eat every day so that you can do it for the rest of your life. For more information please click 'I WANT IN!' above or below!


I am so glad you are here because this means we were destined to find each other!

We are about to be best friends!

This site was created to make you laugh, encourage you, educate you, and help you finally start living the life you've always wanted. The sky is not the limit here. The universe is!

So, sit back, scroll around, and find what peak your interest! I am here to help and encourage, so please let me know how I can support and help you!



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